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Giving the professional hairstylist the tools to help create & perfect the perfect hairstyle, every time!

Professional. Affordable. Homegrown

Biosense is a professional South African hair-care brand that has been around for more than 20 years and has established itself as a house hold name in professional haircare.
Biosense Professional is a full range of Retail and Back Bar, as well as Technical Color for the Professional Hair Care Industry.

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Biosense technical colour , known as ColorSense has 97 variants with 6 accentuators and 22 families.

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A Natural & Radiant Beauty

BioSense Professional uses natural ingredients to ensure efficacy and shiny, healthy hair.

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A range of Styling Aids can also be found under the Biosense brand, as well as their very own Super Powerful Spoil & Biotin Hair Supplement.

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