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Matis was founded in 1936 in Paris by Doctor Mavromati, a chemist in cosmetology.

Expressive Beauty

The MATIS brand is recognised worldwide as a beauty expert, with innovative, scientific, tailor-made skincare products and services that people trust and love.

MATIS is a professional brand with expert products and treatments, always listening to its consumers.

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MATIS creates formulas for all skin types and responds to each skin need.

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Research & Development

At MATIS, every protocol, technique and innovation is tested over long periods of time, because what has always been most important is results, satisfaction and the well-being of women, while respecting their individuality.
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Re-energize | Glow | Radiance

Matis Paris offers targeted treatments that meet the main beauty expectations of the body.

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Matis Cell Matis Splush Online

Cell Expert

The « youth impulse » skincare.

Protect the environment of the skin stem cells. Help prolong their capacity to initiate the cell renewal process.

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Matis Delicate Response Matis Splush Online

Réponse Delicate

Targeted products for sensitive and delicate skin.

A complete range of specific products allowing sensitive and delicate skin to regain balance, comfort and soothed appearance.

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Matis Eye Contour Matis Splush Online

Eye Beauty

Enhance your eyes beauty.

The eye contour is a particularly sensitive area, the skin is thin and in a permanent movement. Thus it requires specific care for a beautiful eye look.

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Matis Le Teint Matis Splush Online

Réponse Teint

2 in 1 - Complexion & Care

The Réponse Teint line suits all ages and skin types ad is a dedicated skincare line to reveal the beauty of complexion.

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Matis For Men Matis Splush Online

Réponse Homme

MATIS skin products for Men.

Good habits to take and the bad ones to forget.

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Matis Oil Control Matis Splush Online

Réponse Pureté

Combat oily skin, regain radiance and purity.

Réponse Pureté helps to fight against shine, large pores, dull complexion and skin imperfections.

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Matis Corrective Response Matis Splush Online

Réponse Corrective

The cosmetic alternative to aesthetic medicine.

Inspired by cosmetic surgery techniques, Réponse Corrective, responds to the first ageing signs of men and women.

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Matis Intensive Reponse Matis Splush Online

Réponse Intensive

The night is the time for intensive skin regeneration.

The skin is more permeable during the night, it therefore assimilates more active ingredients.

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Matis Response Prem Matis Splush Online

Réponse Premium

Thalassotherapy benefits for devitalised skin.

A precious ally for your skin as well as your mind, it combines 2 professional exclusivities based on caviar extract.

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Matis Sun Response Matis Splush Online

Réponse Soleil

Tanning, protecting, hydrating, enhancing ...

With Réponse Soleil, the skin is better protected, tanning is activated and beauty preserved.

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Matis Youth Matis Splush Online

Réponse Jeunesse

The night is the time for intensive skin regeneration.

Assisting women to preserve their youth capital. Actively combating the effects time may have on an aging face.

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An Express Skin Lift Treatment

Boasting a powerful active ingredient with a stretch effect, Express Lift Concentrate is a magic formula, a real express beauty solution to lift the features.