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A Swedish hair care formula with three numbers. (1) Which Hold, (2) Which Shine, (3) Which Volume.

True To Our Swedish Heritage

100% Sulphate free. Love your hair, love your body.

Tamanu oil (Calophyllum Tacamahaca) is our beauty secret of choice… Tamanu oil comes from the fruit of the Ati Tree which grows on the exotic islands of the South Pacific. Tamanu Oil is REFs signature oil and we have it in all our shampoos, conditioners and treatments.

Ref Best Sellers

A small but yet complete haircare and hairstyling line for professionals. REF shows the identity of each product in a plain and simple way – with distinct numbers.

REF’s Unwavering Identity

Ref reflects the Swedish standards of purity, integrity and quality. Ref is true to its Swedish origin, both in the production process as well as the values of the brand.