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The innovative NIOXIN approach is inspired by skincare and therefore different.

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Thinning hair is a broad issue, affecting 50% of men and women. Many available solutions serve to camouflage thinning.

Customized technologies deliver thicker, fuller-looking hair without side effects so you can thrive with newfound confidence. By identifying the 3 signs of hair thinning (Derma, Density and Diameter), NIOXIN delivers a complete program and unique personalized solutions for a tailored treatment that works.

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As an extension of facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and treatment. The NIOXIN range of products are designed to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from its foundation.

Advanced Care Inspired By Skincare

NIOXIN has found inspiration in premium skincare to supply advanced care for thinning hair. Because scalp health creates hair health, and this provides the perfect foundation for thicker, fuller-looking hair.