Nothing makes a statement quite like beautiful bold lips. Be it the wow factor of a simple outfit, or to add the final touch in a strong themed outfit. Your lips are the perfect accessory for a stunning look. Here are some tips to help you use your pout to stand out.

  1. Choose your shade: it’s all very well making a fashion statement with your lipstick colour choice but more importantly, make sure the colour is right for you. There are infinite shades of all the colours such as red or pink so choose one that not only makes a splash but really compliments your skin tone and highlights your best features. Experts at various makeup brands are trained to help you narrow this down.
  2. Experiment!: on that note, have fun, play around and experiment with as many colours as you can. You may prefer certain colours in winter and others in summer. Or you may want a dark plum for a more goth inspired mood or a bright pink when you’re feeling extra girly. No matter your mood, your lips are your blank canvas for some daily self- expression.
  3. Contour: once you’re experimenting, why keep it to one shade? The ombre craze has gone from hair to lips too. Use one shade over your whole lip while dabbing a lighter or darker shade in the centre for a slight ombre hint. Or if you’re more on the daring side, you can use a lighter shade on the top and a darker one on the bottom lip (or vice versa). This is not only bold but interesting.
  4. Mix and match: using different shades does not only have to be for contouring purposes. Sometimes a different gloss colour to the shade of your lipstick adds a new dimension. it can brighten up, tone down or simply give you different looks while using the same products.
  5. Draw the line: Lip liner is a must when wearing bold colours to keep it looking sleek and chic. There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous lip shade that is everywhere but on your lips! Some sneaky lip liner secrets- to make your lips look plumper, draw the line slightly around the edges of your lip to give the shape some depth. And another lip liner winner is to colour in your entire lip with the liner before applying lipstick to keep your colour looking as good as new for the entire day.
  6. Keep it clean: we know the world went through a vampire obsession but let’s keep our own teeth clean and colour free. The risk with bold lipstick is that it can sometimes go on your teeth. The best tip to prevent this is by inserting your thumb in your mouth (yes, we know you’re a little old for thumb sucking) and pulling it out along your lips so that the inner layer of lipstick comes off on your thumb rather than on your teeth, greatly reducing the risk of a colourful smile.
  7. More than just the lipstick: before applying your favourite shade make sure your lips are soft and ready to be shown off. This can be done through using a special lip exfoliator that gently scrubs off the dead skin. If you’re more of a DIY kind of girl, mix some sugar with coconut oil or even a bit of water as your exfoliator- leaving your lips plump, soft and sugary sweet.
  8. Pre- colour prep: another way to prepare your lips for the bold colour they are about to receive, is to put your foundation on your lips when you’re applying it to your face. You can also put concealer or tinted moisturiser on your lips for the same affect. By doing this, you are not only making your lips a more neutral colour so that your lipstick really pops but the foundation before the lipstick also helps it to stay on for longer.
  9. Take your time: just like with bright over neutral colour nail polish. Bold lipstick shows every indiscretion. So, take your time to apply it carefully and evenly for it to look perfect.
  10. Confidence is key: and last but certainly not least, a bold lip means a bold you. No matter what, wear it with confidence and flare and you’ll look fabulous.

So, go big, go bold and go beautiful. Happy wearing.