Beach waves aren’t restricted to the waves of the ocean. Your hair can have that perfect motion too. This natural but super glam look can be achieved easily.

  1. To keep in mind: no matter how you attempt to achieve your curls, for a true beach look, don’t make them too tight and don’t start from your roots. Loose curls or waves from the centre of your head is what gives a natural beach feel
  2. Sleep with your hair in a bun: this trick has been around since childhood. Sleeping with your hair in various sizes of buns or plaits to get different types of curls is the easiest and most effective way to wake up in the morning to a great hair day.
  3. Mousse it up: a little bit of mousse goes a long way. While your hair is wet, put a small amount of mousse in your palm (not too much) and scrunch up your hair from the tips up. This is another quick and easy tip to get light and natural curls.
  4. Diffuse it: another relatively simple, and perhaps old- fashioned, yet excellent way of achieving a beautifully messy head of curls is with using a diffuser. A diffuser is a small round attachment that goes on the end of your hair dryer with little harmless spikes coming off it. Put the bottom of your hair into the circle, slightly twist it here and there and then put your blow dryer on for instant waves.
  5. Curler: a curler is the obvious way to go for, how did you guess it- curls. You can either do them relatively tight and then brush them out using a finger or a comb to get it wavy or you can start off with loose curls. Whatever you do, make sure the curls aren’t uniform as you’re aiming for them to look as natural as possible.
  6. Iron: a hair iron does the same job as a curler these days yet leaves room for different techniques and types of curls. You can go for the round curl or even an S shaped wave by zigzagging you hand up and down the length of your hair. The options with an iron are endless so have fun with it and figure out what works best for you.
  7. Tinfoil: yes, that is tinfoil. Place tinfoil along the length of strands of your hair, covering both sides and bend it into whichever type of shape, curl, wave or zigzag you may want and then hold the iron over it for a few seconds. What a unique and easy way to get a bit of a shape.

With these easy tips, being a beach babe has never been so easy.