Our generation has many quirks. We’re incredibly fast paced in how we live and work and we are exposed to knowledge like never before. This allows us to also be one of the most reflective generations yet, constantly aware of ourselves and our surroundings. One of the areas where this shows is the passionate drive towards vegan food and products. Not only are vegan restaurants taking the plate (excuse the pun), but cruelty- free products are becoming more relevant. More thought and attention is going into how products are made and used and there is an attempt to harm animals as little as possible. There are many benefits for using cruelty free products.

These products are not only valuable for protecting animals and the environment but are also a platform for you to make more informed and aware decisions. This could help you understand your own values on a deeper level and sift out what is or isn’t important to you. As mentioned before, the easily accessible knowledge can be used to determine exactly which products suit you aesthetically and morally. Some of the other benefits of using these products are that they use more natural ingredients which could have benefits for all elements of your body and beauty care routine. You may also find that your skin, nails or hair react differently to these products as they have less chemicals and are more natural and pure. These brands are also environmentally orientated and place emphasis on recyclable materials which are better for the planet.

The wider range of cruelty- free products makes using them that much easier. Yet, it may still feel like a difficult compromise to go completely cruelty free and that’s ok. Therefore, a range and variety of cruelty free products are available and more accessible. More and more companies are going in this direction without the public even realising it. This makes it easy enough to integrate and use more of without feeling pressure to make dramatic life changes. Regardless of which products you choose for your beauty regime, we love the general trend to becoming more aware of what takes place behind the scenes and that cruelty- free and animal protection are becoming more and more important and emphasised as a whole. We love that we can support and be a part of this shift.

Here some of our favourite products that support cruelty free methods: Colour Wow Root Cover up in all colours; Luma Tinted Beauty Balm; Luma Crushed pearl Facial Polish; Kevin Murphy Leave- In Repair Treatment, Kevin Murphy Stimulate Me Wash and Pureology Smooth Perfection Frizz Fighting Serum. All these products can be found on Splush Online making them more accessible than ever before.