Hands are the most important yet overlooked feature of an elegant look. You use your hands in many situations professionally, personally and socially such as gesturing, passing someone the salt, typing or waving. Make sure you draw attention to this feature for only positive reasons and exude grace and beauty from tip to toe. Here are some simple ways to do this:

  1. Cream it: dry and scaly hands are a common and uncomfortable phenomenon. Always carry hand cream in your bag to ensure that this is not you. In the day, carry around a small and convenient tube so that it doesn’t feel like a hassle and it would also be preferable to have a lighter and fast absorbing cream so that you don’t get slippery hands which get in the way of any activities you have to do. At night on the other hand, invest in a thicker and more intense moisturiser that can be absorbed while you sleep. Take a couple of minutes to massage this moisturiser into your skin to make sure it is fully absorbed.
  2. Exfoliate: emphasising your skin regime should not be limited to your face only. It is important to exfoliate your hands as well, removing any roughness or dead skin cells and making your hands deliciously soft.
  3. Chip off the old block: There’s nothing worse than chipped nail polish. It makes a beautiful look instantly shabbier. When painting our own nails, always use a base coat which prevents staining on the nails and a topcoat which holds the nail polish better as well as making it shinier. As soon as your nail polish starts to chip and look old and shabby remove or redo your colour as soon as possible. This is especially important with dark or bold colours while nude or pale colours are easier to get away with. Remember this rule when painting your nails for a weekend away where nail polish remover or the opportunity to redo your nails is not as easily accessible.
  4. Pamper party: another way to get gorgeous hands is through treating yourself to a manicure. This is not only an excellent excuse to relax but it also leaves your hands looking beautiful for the next few days afterwards.
  5. Squeaky clean: an obvious but not always kept tip is to wash your hands regularly but not too often and use designated hand soap as opposed to whatever is quick and easy, such as dish washing liquid which is very harsh and can dry our your hands.
  6. Get Gloves: and no, we do not mean fancy 1920’s gloves to hide your hands, but rather rubber gloves to protect your hands while washing the dishes. This is a small investment that goes a long way.
  7. It’s what you put in that counts: creams, exfoliators and manicures definitely make your hands and nails more beautiful but it is also important to ensure that you are eating enough nutrients and/or taking appropriate supplements to ensure healthy nails. This includes protein and vitamins B,D and E.

Now we can hand it to you for magnificent hands and nails.